shutter shudder ep.2

Troy Briggs has replaced a light bulb in Chicago. The new bulb is listening to this website and whatever is entered into the text field will be immediately translated into Morse code and flickered out. The text you type will only flash once and will not be archived. The exact location of the bulb is not disclosed but will be in a space accessible to the populous of the city.

A flickering light in an alley, a pulsing light in a disco, a shuddering bulb in the soda machines sign. There will be one bulb, and many of you. This project is being spread through the web around the world so your message could be preceded by one from Nigeria and followed by a message from Iceland.

This second iteration of the project has been completed as a part of MWX and Museums and the Web, the leading international forum for museum professionals in the field of museum technology. Vince Dziekan(MWX), Shannon Stratton(Three Walls) and Susan Chun(MCA) were integral to bringing Shutter Shudder home to Chicago for a bit and are much appreciated.

Special thanks goes to the generous collaborations of the talented Jon Dugan.